Learn how to set up and use Parsec on your Simplay Cloud PC

Using the Parsec streamer could greatly improve your experience with Simplay. Parsec is a superb real-time streamer, specifically designed to stream games at 60 FPS. 

Using Parsec makes your Simplay cloud PC accessible on Macs, Android devices, Ubuntu and Raspberry Pi. It also lets you to host friends for co-op play!

Follow the steps below to set up Parsec on your Cloud PC and local device.

Step 1: Sign up to Parsec

Use this link to open an account with Parsec.

Step 2: Fire up your Simplay Cloud PC and run Parsec on it. 

Download Parsec on your Cloud PC (you're looking for the Windows 64 bit version), and run the app. Once you login, your Cloud PC is ready to host a gaming session.

You'll need to enable hosting on you Cloud PC. This setting is set to "enabled" by default - so you should be good to go. But just in case, here are the relevant instructions to manually enabling it. 

This step is only required once.

Once you complete the initial set up (and set up Parsec to start and auto-login), you no longer need to use the Simplay streamer app. Instead, simply use the client area to start your Simplay PC, and use Parsec to connect.

Step 3 - Install Parsec on your local device.

Download Parsec on your local device (Windows, Mac, Android, Ubuntu etc.), and run the app. Next, use the Parsec app on your device to connect to your Cloud PC by hitting "Play" next to its name.

And that's it, you're all set and ready to play!

As long as you remain active on your Cloud PC you'll stay connected, so you could go
ahead and close the Simplay client.


Parsec won't start and auto-login when my Simplay PC boots up.
Solution: Follow this guide to set up auto-login.

Getting really bad lag or low FPS on a Parsec connection.
Solution: Follow this Parsec guide to set borderless windowed mode. 

I'm getting error 6023 when trying to connect from Parsec.
Solution: You might have to do some port forwarding. Follow this Parsec guide to do so.

Stream is frozen, or significant keyboard/mouse lag is experienced.
Solution: Install Parsec 32 bit (or portable) on your local PC. Your Simplay PC should still have the 64bit version of Parsec.

Need more help?

Reach out to us or the community (via Discord) if you still need help setting everything up. If you'd like to learn more about using Parsec, their guides offer super helpful getting started info.